Learn to play guitar like Dylan!

After finally posting my gargantuan Albums You Cannot Touch entry on Self Portrait the other day, it seems I still have a couple posts on Dylan left in my system…

Sweden’s Eyolf Østrem is the Internet King on all things Bob Dylan. For years I’ve consulted his website, dylanchords.info, as a quick reference for lyrics and guitar tablature. There’s plenty of other material on the site too, including some rather scholarly essays by Østrem on Dylan’s music, which he publishes on a blog called Things Twice.

Most recently, Østrem has put together a string of posts on guitar method and basic music theory called “Learn to Play the Guitar in Two Weeks.” The series features fourteen different lessons that run the gamut from chord shapes to dropped tunings to the science of harmonics. It’s a great read for anyone interested in folk guitar, whether a complete beginner or an intermediate player who has never read much about compositional theory (like me). Here are some of the first links for you to get a taste (at time of this posting, Østrem is up to Day 12 of 14):

  • Day 1 (Intro)
  • Day 2 (“First songs, first theory”)
  • Day 3 (“More Chords — seventh and minor”)
  • Day 4 (“Tablature and Rhythm”)
  • Day 5 (“All Strings Are Not Created Equal”)

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