Watch Neil’s new concert film

Neil Young’s discography over the last decade looks like a textbook exercise in quantity over quality (six studio albums, one live album, and about four films, including a movie/live album cash-in with CSNY). And that’s saying nothing about all the half-baked concepts and genre shifts (electric cars? a soul record with Booker T & the MG’s?). But then, the whole thing with Neil has always been about pushing forward, to keep up with the muse, and to not be afraid to fail in public. So that’s why we have Le Noise, the new LP Neil recorded on solo electric + acoustic (though mostly electric) guitar, live from Daneil Lanois’ house. Rumor has it they only recorded on nights of full moons. Don’t think to hard about it. Just check out the new concert film, featuring every song from Le Noise in order, which is currently available on Youtube. An early favorite of mine is “Hithchiker” (begins ~ 21:30), a song that chronicles Neil’s humble beginnings as a Toronto folkie en route to fame and fortune in L.A. (with a few drug binges along the way).


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