Happy John Lennon Day!

John Lennon by Astrid Kirchherr (1960)

As I’m sure you’ve read elsewhere, October 9 is John Lennon’s birthday, and had he lived to see it, this year would have been the big seven-oh.

Tribute concerts, album reissues, and even a new greatest hits collection (Really? Seriously, Yoko?) currently abound. But the Lennon Day commemoration I’m most interested in is the new film Nowhere Boy. Evidently, the story takes place entirely pre-Beatles, following Lennon’s upbringing with his Aunt Mimi, his first encounters with American Rock & Roll, the formation of skifflers The Quarrymen, and, in the most inspired recreation I’m seeing in the trailer, John’s first meeting with Paul McCartney at a Quarrymen gig in the summer of 1957.

A bit of family lore to insert: My father’s parents were Lutheran missionaries in South India in the late 50’s and early 60’s. Dad was ten when the family set sail (!) for Bombay in the summer of 1957. Halfway through the journey, the ship docked for a short time in the port town of Liverpool. So there it is: My father was present in the same town in the same year in the same season when The Beatles were officially founded! The ironic thing, of course, is that The Hennigs would go on to live in India until 1965, completely missing The Fabs on Ed Sullivan, A Hard Day’s Night, and basically all of Beatlemania in the process!

Anyway, Happy John Lennon Day! Let’s see if this thing is any good…


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